IELTS Speaking How to answer part1



Part1's questions are particularly for yourself.

It means you should answer your things.

e.g TV, Game, Name, Food, Work Student etc

There are a lot of Questions, but more easily !!

key point;

Please answer more than 3 sentences

Please answer about 20 seconds


Do you like to watch TV?

A; I often to watch TV, after getting my home from my university.Usually I watch News report program, it makes me give many information.

If you had a chance to live in another country, Where would you like to go?

A; If I had a opportunity to live in another country, I would like to go to Canada. I don't like crowded city, and also don't want to take a crowded train. I want to move to a countryside and see big landscapes.

When was the best year for you?

A; Last year was the best for me, because I graduated my high School in March, and entered in my university. I could meet a lot of friends. That was a good experience for me.

If you could get 3 things anything, what would you like to?

A; If I could get anything, I want to get a big house, new car, and watch. I have to bring it to test, I want to get it for myself. And also, I got driving license recently, I want to drive my own car.

Do you prefer to study in the morning or the evening?

A; I prefer to study in the morning,. I usually get up early to go to my university. Furthermore, we must get up so early on a test day, I think getting early is good practice for a test.

key point

You should practice the grammar," prefer, If , that"

you should use conjunction many times.

very, so well, etc. You ought to use emphasize words!!! ←It is important!